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Lets Have a shot at the Media, oh how fucking original!


Currently on my Facebook there’s a producer/director I know having a shot at Channel Nine about their massive debt write down and loss. Apparently it’s the “Internet”, they didn’t see it coming.. hmmm really? The “internet” was responsible for a Private Equity firm paying a truck load of money for a media company just as advertising revenues dropped, and the GFC swept through? are you sure? maybe its “the twitter” to blame, you know its the ruination of society as we know it!! FML!!

The sad thing this person is no dummy either.

I should confess here and now I used to work for that Broadcaster. I left there because I wanted a new challenge in my life after 30 years in the media, I have NO axe to grind with Nine, actually not with any part of the media industry in Australia. I have been critical in the past of several directions the Network took, some I still feel I’m right about, others I was resoundly proven wrong.. I will no doubt eventually mention some of them on this blog. However I WILL back them up with the reasoning behind my thinking, and whatever facts can be proven, not half arsed speculation, or worse yet.. TOTAL BULLSHIT..

Amazing how everyone is a god dam fucking expert on the media. Jesus, everyone is a fucking Director now if they edit their kids birthday video!! People ITS NOT THAT CUT AND DRY!!! Channel Nine have actually been performing well.. yes they are neck and neck with Channel 7.. their costs are getting under control and they have a dynamic CEO who  has a fantastic reputation within the media industry. Their debt problem relates to their private equity owners and how much they borrowed, not a failing of the performance of the Network.

Its one thing to critique a program, it’s subjective, it’s entertainment. Lets face it opinions are like arseholes when  it comes to programming, everyone has one .In fact Programming is a black art in TV, no one full understands why a certain program works. It’s akin to taking a few hundred million dollars and dumping it on a black jack table at the casino. Hell, I think the black jack odds are better! Even with all the audience sampling and testing you cannot guarantee a ratings winner. So go to town criticising, your opinion is as valid as the next persons, I’ve seen Programmers bag shows they had formerly claimed as a sure-fire hit!

However, criticising a company, well basically calling them naive and short sighted, to do that you really need facts my friends, not some pumped up attitude and axe to grind. Stop giving a SUBJECTIVE opinion and making out its insightful balanced commentary. It AINT! It can be quite damaging for a company when people speculate yet try and sell it as a fact. How about actually proving your fucking case.. there’s a revelation!

I swear I’m getting grumpier as I get older!