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YAAF – The campaign we had to have

The Australian Productivity commission has finally realised what retailers have know for ever, one of Australia’s biggest employer groups is being killed by inflexible labour laws, restrictive trading hours and crippling penalty rates. Consider the average pay rate on a retail floor is 15 dollars an hour, and the jerk wad that packs you books at Amazon is getting 8 bucks an hour (US Dollars so thats even cheaper) you start to see the “global market” in fucking action.

And neither party has a fucking solution. The Liberals want to abolish all workers rights (aka “Work Choices”) and Labour want to shove an 8 foot pole up the employers asses (aka “Fair Work”). Can’t you CUNTS meet in the middle! No one wants to see workers get treated like slave labour, but I think if you ask the workers they would like a business to actually trade profitably so, oh I don’t know, they have FUCKING JOBS in 12 months! And the mother-fucking Unions are in the newspaper claiming that Retailers want the labour laws changed to add to their “already fat profits” Oh My Fucking God, you can tell those CUNTS have never run a retail business. Fat Profits, Fuck Off! Try  not even getting FUCKING paid because once they pay their costs, their staff, the penalty rates, the fucking super, sick leave, holiday leave, they get JACK FUCKING SHIT! Oh and fuck you assholes for trying to tell us how we should run our businesses, yes every business owner operates with a view to LOOSING MONEY! Fucktarded fucktards! Get your fucking Union heads out of your fat chair sitting office pondering ASSES! We are not ALL Coles Myer or Woolworths!

SO whats my solution to this impass. Well at the next federal election I’m starting a campaign in memory of a great friend of mine (this was my Tribute to him) who sadly passed away this year. You see he understood politics, he debated it with me constantly. He listened to the fucking Parliamentary radio broadcasts for relaxation. Yet he NEVER liked the choices he had at voting time. So what did he do? Well every election he’d get his ballot paper and in big confident letters across the form he’d write.. YOU ARE ALL FUCKED! Yes THAT’s my strategy. Everyone is to write “You Are All Fucked” on their ballot papers. And what will this do? Well this is considered an informal vote, surprisingly. And if you get a certain percentage of informal votes, they have to declare the election void and do it again. Now it’s a sure bet even Labour and Liberal aren’t stupid enough to run the same policies and leaders. Imagine that, we’d get REAL choices!

Ok I need to check the run it again fact, but it’s early and I’m tired! I will check it!

At the moment I’m not voting for that sycophantic, Green’s-ass kissing Gillard, nor am I voting for the born-again, oh-I’ve-changed-my-mind-again Abbott. What a fucking choice! You know if Malcom Turbull ran I’d give him a go. Let’s face it he actually announces his position and sticks by it! What a goddam fucking revelation! Sure he cocked up last time as Opposition Leader, but come on he was new. Howard had how many cracks at being Leader? I mean we’ve got the choice between a fucking solicitor, Journalist or, bring it on, a Merchant Banker. I mean at least he’ll fix the fucking economy!

So people, it begins here and now.. YAAF! My campaign for 2013! Fuck them up and fuck them up GOOD!