Public Heath Care – What the FUCK is the problem

In America they have a phrase.. Medical Debt.. do you know what that is? It’s when someone can’t pay their medical bills. We’re not talking some hot porn starlet who has had her tits done.. oh no.. this is Joe or Josephine Average, who needed urgent medical assistance, get it, then can’t pay the bill for saving their lives.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

Before I start this rant and trust me I am FIRED up about this.. let me tell you a few things. Firstly I live in Australia where we have a Public Health System paid through taxes. It’s not perfect, it needs more money, but at least ANYONE can go to a Public Hospital and at NO cost, get treatment. If you’re flash with cash you can have medical insurance and go Private and get a fancy room and a Cordon Bleu dinner. However no matter WHAT your station in life is you can get decent medical help. And the second thing.. I have worked for 30 years.. on a very decent wage thank you.. I have paid a LOT of tax. I now own a business and am being royally screwed by the tax office. And even though I do pay a lot, I have never, EVER, once in my life, EVER regreted the money I have put into our public health system, even though I do have Private Medical Insurance. So why would a capitalist like me feel like that? well im glad you asked!

I am, and always will be a Socialist. Well I prefer Humanist, look it up people and learn. Socialist makes it sound all commy and bad, which it isn’t, but lets face it it’s had a bad wrap! I believe in the fundamental rights of humans, not just to live, but for things like basic medical care. The minute we start putting a price on someones life or well being, well then we are trully and honestly FUCKED!!! I’m a proud Australian because no matter how much we critise our free heath system.. at least we fucking have one! Here you can go to a doctor and not pay a cent, get the treatment you need, or a hospital if you need to. Yes, we take care of our own.

Now to America.. that great icon of capitalism. Oh how that word makes me shudder, but thats for yet another blog. I have a friend there at the moment, she has double pneumonia and is not well, she can’t work. Her partner has a low income job. She has been to hospital several times with this, near death. They send her a bill, they can’t pay, they get a “Medical Debt”. She can’t afford the basic meds to be able to even breath successfully out of hospital, so she can’t sleep or function. Her kids have no medical coverage, her partners job just doesnt provide it. This is how America treats it’s beloved people.

In a country facing massive economic problems, crippling national debt and some tough financial choices, they still have big armies in foreign countries yet a Congress that wants to kill off the Universal Health Care reforms. Why? I don’t get it? Are these people such arseholes they can’t think for a minute what’s important. The GLORY of their stupid fucking national pride overseas.. or the heath and well being of their people. Um, call me stupid but if you can’t even provide basic heath care to your own people who the fuck are you invading other countries tell them how they should live. It’s wrong. It’s SO very fucking wrong.

Wake up you pricks and show some fucking humanity to your own fucking people.. this from the worlds most right wing religious nation. Yeah religion is such a fucking humanitarian persuit!

This is for my friend who’s there now and can’t breath.. can’t sleep..

Think about how that would feel if it was you.


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