The Death Penalty, Welcome back to the Dark Ages


Ive been a little absent here, but what brought me back to the wasteland is the current situation with the 2 Australians being executed, along with the halfwitted uneducated morons on social media basically gloating about their deaths. Fuck me are they in a frenzy. I keep seeing shit like, “they got what they deserved” or “do the crime do the time” or “they were fairly tried by the judicial system” (one of the most corrupt in the world, but lets just ignore that bit), and so the rednecks go on. There is no doubt they did the crime, I’m not saying they shouldn’t have been in jail, nor do I condone the sale or use of Heroin. Let me make this crystal clear, my issue is with the Death Penalty itself.

Before I begin I’ll state something here and now, I abore the death penalty. It’s barbaric, inhumane and frankly a load of shit. How can anyone sanction “State” based murder. And yes that’s what it fucking is, MURDER, and as WE are the “State” that means you, me, the guy at work, his wife, his kids, yes the whole fucking lot of us are responsible for putting people to death. Hey guess what I don’t like that! You see the Death Penalty has nothing to do with justice, only the basest of human emotions, revenge. Oh, and it DOESN’T FUCKING WORK AS A DETERRENT! How do I know this? Lets examine some cold hard facts.

Amnesty International have been tracking murder rates in the United States in death penalty and non-death penalty states. These are their findings over 20 years, death penalty states have a consistently HIGHER murder rate. Yes, that’s what I said, HIGHER. Don’t believe me, here’s their graph.. all nice and neat and shit..


You see the basic problem is NO ONE thinks they will get caught. So saying it lowers crime is clearly a load of steaming turds. I’m not even going to comment on why the crime rate is higher in Death Penalty states.

Now, my favourite “argument” put forward by Pro-Death penalty people is an eye for an eye. Ok, lets be all First Testament and say if you kill someone they should be killed too. Hang on doesn’t the First testament also say we should be put to death for Adultery, Bestiality, Sodomy and my favourite one, cursing a parent? Yes that is actually there, I can see a rather large lineup for death row happening. Clearly it’s the go to book for social justice! Now, using this “eye for an eye” argument, doesn’t that mean if we “accidentally” put someone to death, you know, someone who turns out to be innocent later, one of us must die? Surely yes. Well hey, lineup your most hated celebs and politicians because guess the fuck what, IT HAS HAPPENED A LOT.

A team of legal experts and statisticians from Michigan and Pennsylvania used statistical analysis to discover that 4.1% of 8000 death row executions were innocent, and they used the most conservative figures they had. In cold hard numbers that’s 328 innocent people killed. This is, simply put, State sanctioned murder. Are YOU ok with that? You know what, I’m not. Im fucking NOT comfortable with that at all! Anyone who believes in the most basic of human rights can’t agree that that is all fine and dandy.

So, Ta Da, the Death Penalty, wow what an idea, it doesn’t work and kills innocent people. Fan-fucking-tastic. So you Pro-Death penalty people, please explain to me how this lunacy is justified? How do you sleep at night, comfortable with the knowledge that innocent people are being killed? I don’t give a shit how serious a crime is, if there is a chance just ONE fucking innocent person can be put to death, the price is too fucking high. And here’s an idea, lets try and find out what drives people to commit these crimes and start there, instead of waiting for the crime to be committed. Educate people, find the trigger points and work out how to remove them. It won’t be easy and it won’t stop all murders but hey, its better than KILLING people LEGALLY.

If you want to actually be informed about the reality of this barbaric practice, go to Amnesty Internationals Facts about the Death Penality and learn the truth.

And as a little footnote here, the Australians in Indonesia were killed by a firing squad. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to die that way, YES they were alive and in excruciating pain for that amount of time. Real humane hey. Imagine now if that was someone you cared about, are you still ok with it?


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