Trends… Being Cool.. Tossers

Why oh WHY do people get sucked into trends? As i mentioned I’ve spent more than a few years in advertising and man have I seen some stupid shit.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain I’ve used trends more than once to flog a product. People are gullable, they eat that shit up. Associate it with something “trending” and you’ve at least got their attention. Yawn. Sheep!

This all relates to a facebook update I once did about exercise. Yes exercise. For various reasons I am supposed to walk at least 4 klms a day. Doctors orders, and mostly I do. I’ve been doing this little feat of endurance for the past 8 years. Rain hail or shine.. ok the rain bits a lie i’m not that keen! So how does this relate to trends.. well im glad you asked..

Every January on or about the 3rd, I see new “runners”. Yes all of December hardly anyone passes you.. then January they start. All decked out in the latest brand name runners, body hugging singlets and tight tight shorts.. omg, WHY do guys do that, man I have NO desire to see your fucking package bulging out at me, and its like a car smash you can’t stop but look at it! Fellers, girls can wear those arse squeezing shorts because THEY DONT HAVE A PACKAGE! Who are you trying to impress???

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.. so there they are all decked out, looking pretty fucking cool, trendy brand names clearly displayed. Probably about $400 worth of kit bought after their New Years resolution to “get fit”!

So, how long does it last.. well week 1 you see them every say 2nd day, week 2 maybe twice.. usually by week 3.. gone.. All that money on the coolest looking track gear and.. can’t be fucked anymore. Yet.. those diehards with the old kit, crappy runners and NO expensive water bottle, yes you guessed it.. I still pass them every day, we have a wave and smile, as is the “code” with daily exercisers, and move on. And thats what I have learned from 30 years of advertising and 8 years as a walker.. it’s the people who DONT follow trends who stand out.

And what do I wear? Cheap joggers, old shorts (baggy! NO Package poking out!), t shirts that have seen better days and a hat that my children still laugh at when i put it on, sillyness and sunsmart.

So next time you decide you wanna look cool by following the next stupid trend.. think about me and joggers.. and how every January I get to laugh myself stupid at the latest bunch of package showing trendites.


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