Its Just Like Any Other Job

I have been around the block a few times. I’ve met an incredible diverse range of people from all occupations. Recently I have had the fortune of getting to know some cam girls and hookers. Now before you all start thinking.. oh Fleshy’s had a dry spell and he’s forking over the coin.. no.. well yes I have had a dry spell.. but that’s another blog topic.. this is about those sweet ladies who happened to earn their living selling sex, this is an extended version of a status I did on Facebook.

Sex workers are not new to my sphere of friends, when i was a photographer I used to have a few as clients for various portfolio pics they needed. And what is also not new is the way a lot of guys seem to treat them. Because their work involves nudity and sex it seems to send some guys into another world.. of assholeness. For some reason the removal of clothes also indicates the removal of manners and thoughts of humanity. I have seen some of the messages these guys send to cam girls, and how they treat them even on their social web sites.. fucking hell.. I wouldn’t talk to my dog like that! There’s an immediate assumption that because these girls are selling themselves they are.. loose, cheap, stupid and easy.

WOW.. just because they take their clothes off.  Also the no means no rule seems to go out the window with some guys. This is a JOB, its what they do to earn a living.. just like your fucking accountant. If you went to your accountant and had a great plan to rip off the Tax department and they said no.. are you going to tell them to fuck off they are doing it anyway then jump the desk and force them to?

It’s time we all remembered that these people are someones Daughter, Sister, Niece, Aunt, Mother, Girlfriend or simply friend. They deserve our respect just like we would do for any other profession. Don’t confuse your moral ideas of what they do, with who they are. That’s your fucking problem not theirs.

Some of the smartest and friendliest people i have met have been hookers.. some of them I knew their career before we met, others I found out later. I just think it’s time people stopped making assumptions about someone based on their line of work. It may surprise you that I know a few accountants who are wild party animals, one in particular has a habit of being thrown out of casinos for.. public displays of overt affection lol – there’s another stereotype broken.

Besides they have the COOLEST stories!


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