Deep Throat, A Metaphor for Life?

I’m a HUGE fan of 70’s and 80’s porn. Bad music, hairy bush, cheesy acting.. yes I love it all! Porn was simpler then, actually had a few attempts at a storyline and at times took the piss out of itself. Now it all seems to be jackhammer fucking, spitting and choking, sorry thats just not sex to me. And I think the portrayal of women was better, sure we have women in Dom flicks now etc, but  women seemed to have had a fairly even power balance back then, well at least in the ones i’ve seen.

Of course there were issues, in an unregulated industry that was run from garages and dodgy store fronts you’d expect to see problems. But that had more to do with christian “moral outrage” holding the industry underground than any failing of porn itself. The modern face of porn is now growing to show a professional industry moving to proper self-regulating and safer practices. Hopefully!

Anyway back to Deep Throat. Now there was a movie, it had a premise (wow!), yes it was basic but fuck it at least it had one. Yes the title pretty much told you the theme, but there was a lot more going on with the story as opposed to today’s porn.. ie: “Sorority Sluts Get it In The Ass” – yes you pretty much know what your going to see and that’ll be all it is! There was cheesy acting, some clever ideas (who could forget Coke Man hahaha), and what verged on clever scripting (my favourite scene is where the guys eating the woman out at the start and she lifts his head and says “do you mind if I smoke while you eat” haha). It was made on a tight budget, but managed to generate a huge following, helped of course by the christian moral outragers. The sex was hot, but fun, the shooting style a little more relaxed than now and the music, oh wow, you HAVE to hear the music! It was a porn flick that didn’t take itself too seriously and that was one of it’s biggest charms.

Seriously if you havent seen it, and I can’t imagine anyone who loves porn who wouldn’t have this in their collection, do yourself a massive favour and watch it. Watch it with your loved one, even they will get a kick out of it, Deep Throat is trully a movie to share.

So what is this Metaphor for life crap.. well think about it.. it’s far from perfect yet you love its quaintness.. it’s never pretended to be anything more than it is.. it’s simple but clever in parts.. and you love spending time with it.. over and over..

Pity more people weren’t like that.

oh and apologies to modern porn, I’m an old romantic and still love the idea of a single camera porn film shoot.. I’m sure there are some very worthy flicks out and I just haven’t seen them, but given the volume that comes out, can you blame me.